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The Responsible Finance Podcast

May 30, 2018

Charlotte Purdie was a new parent with a problem. There was nowhere to go with the right facilities to enable her to feed her baby.

So Purdie – then 21 – did something about it. She launched The Milk Lounge, a cafe in Nottingham with fantastic, family friendly features.

From clean and spacious changing rooms, activities for toddlers and older children, sensory spaces, peer support, homemade cakes and healthy food, language classes, feeding rooms and buggy parking, The Milk Lounge was designed to meet families' needs.

The original cafe thrived and Charlotte has opened a second cafe. In episode 4 of The Responsible Finance podcast, Charlotte tells us about:

  • the "rollercoaster" ride of launching and growing a business,
  • biggest challenges, and how she overcame them,
  • why she turned to a responsible finance provider when she needed money to get The Milk Lounge going but the bank said "no."