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The Responsible Finance Podcast

Jun 12, 2018

Stephen Henderson's business journey began at 16 when he discovered the cajon (a traditional percussion instrument) at a party.

The keen musician and woodworker yearned for one of his own and got his tools out. With some wood left over, he refined his design of “custom cajons” and began to advertise them online while studying for A-Levels.

His unique design proved popular with other musicians.

Percussionists from all over the UK contacted Henderson to buy his cajons, telling him how much they appreciated the custom features.

Now Henderson, 23, runs Ruach Music, supplying musicians worldwide with handmade electric guitars, electric basses, pedal-boards for guitarists, cajons, effects pedals and accessories.

Turnover tripled this year, the firm employs eight full-time staff and an international foundation named Stephen Young Micro Entrepreneur of the Year in March 2018.

Stephen describes how access to "responsible finance" supported the business' development.