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The Responsible Finance Podcast

Oct 6, 2022

Stephen Tighe and Sheryl Doe founded Allegro Opticians to address specific issues which the eyesight of musicians and performing artists.

The business now has customers from all over the world, has won multiple business awards, has a trusted high street presence with three branches, and has grown from two to more than twenty employees.

Stephen describes his career background in the armed forces and financial services, how he and Sheryl met because of their passion for music, the problems which affect musicians' eyesight, building an ethical supply chain, and why they approached Responsible Finance member, Business Enterprise Fund (a not for profit social enterprise) for finance to grow the business.

It's a thoughtful interview about finding a niche, outperforming cheaper 'chain' competitors, the value of exemplary customer service, how to get the right finance, and why it's important to give back. A masterclass in business development.

What next?