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The Responsible Finance Podcast

Dec 3, 2019

In one of the worst-offending industries for landfill and modern slavery, Kalopsia proves you can make products more ethically and minimise environmental impact.

A batch manufacturer of textiles, apparel and accessories, Kalopsia is a social enterprise which started as an artistic collective and morphed into a textile producing community interest company.

It makes exciting products (including for brands you will have heard of), supports the textile industry and the people in it, minimises waste and environmental impact.

And it demonstrates all of this is possible as a sustainable (in all ways) business.

In this episode, Adam Robertson and Nina Falk of Kalopsia CIC describe:

  • Kalopsia's journey from running galleries and exhibitions to batch manufacturer
  • how Kalopsia has learned from other industries to develop highly efficient processes and systems
  • what batch manufacturing means
  • why their customers work with Kalopsia
  • making the user experience on the website as easy as possible
  • the importance of design and branding
  • the impact of being a finalist in the 2018/19 Social Enterprise of the Year category in the Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards – and of winning the Manufacturer of the Year Award at The Scottish Business Insider "Made in Scotland Awards"
  • why Kalopsia worked with responsible finance provider, DSL Business Finance
  • their plans for the year ahead
  • the widespread misinformation about ethics and sustainability in fashion and textiles - with a key call to scrutinise claims you see.