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The Responsible Finance Podcast

Mar 2, 2020

Imagine yourself on a zero-hours contract, leaving home early in the morning to deliver a sports therapy session. By the time you've spent several hours travelling to the place which booked the session - at your own expense - it's been cancelled. And you don't get paid.

Now imagine making that journey in a wheelchair. Carrying a heavy bag in your teeth. And imagine when the session is not cancelled and you do deliver it, your transformative work is valued by participants, but not by your employer.

Frustrations like these led Louis Speight, a former European-record-holder in the 800 metre T33 Wheelchair Sprint, and a colleague to launch their own social enterprise, Omnis Circumvado CIC.

In this interview Louis describes:

  • the profound impact sport made in his life,
  • how Omnis works with children and young people in SEN (Special Educational Needs) schools and with elderly people in day centres,
  • why “the house will set on fire,” when launching a social enterprise.
  • succession planning and whether business growth is the right thing to do.
  • why Omnis worked with Key Fund, a responsible finance provider, and how this helped the organisation.

And much more.