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The Responsible Finance Podcast

Mar 31, 2023

Caz and Darron Burness already had a thriving business – doggy day care, pet-sitting, home boarding and other services – when they spotted an opportunity to purchase a kennels premises. It was the perfect fit.

But how to finance the acquisition? A £100,000 loan from BCRS Business Loans unlocked their ambition and growth plans, safeguarded several jobs and has enabled them to create new jobs too.

Beacon Barkers is a licensed kennels with onsite groomers and shop. Caz and Darron also offer dogwalking and pet transport and have embarked on an exciting programme to develop the kennels, launch additional services, provide volunteering and training opportunities and create more jobs.

Caz spent 23 years at TK Maxx, the fashion retailer. "I had many different jobs but always had a passion to be outside." She describes how she made the leap from employee to entrepreneur, why she and Darron approached BCRS Business Loans, their exciting plans to develop and expand the business expansion and what they have learned about buying and growing a business.

"There are good finance companies and there are not so good finance companies," says Caz. "Don't think the only people who can lend you money are a bank. Please shop around." She also explains how BCRS' support beyond the money has helped Beacon Barkers to thrive.

What next?