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The Responsible Finance Podcast

Sep 3, 2023

Low emissions zones became a political battleground just after recording this interview with Kate Barnard, founder and CEO of Enjoy The Air.

But what does the public think? Can we prove the impact of "hard or soft" interventions on air quality? And just how far are people prepared to go when it comes to action in response to poor air quality?

"I was astounded" says Kate as she reveals the results of research showing just how many people will – if they have the means to – vote with their feet and move out of places with poor air. Which cities are most at risk? Kate explains.

Despite a legal requirement on local authorities to document and provide evidence of their air quality it is surprising how many don't, Kate says. Though some are exemplary: she tells us which, why, and what we can learn.

Kate spent two decades in a corporate career with Rolls Royce before launching her business, an "evidence based air quality intelligence company," which is now nearly three years old.

This is a return visit to the Responsible Finance podcast for Kate and covers a huge amount of new ground. She discusses corporate and startup culture and what funders, financial backers and corporates can do better to support the UK's startup ecosystem.

Plus plenty on the staggering results of public polling about air quality and how to communicate the reasons (and the "what's in it for me?") for Low Emissions Zones (anyone involved in policy research should listen to this).

Kate also covers the development of Enjoy the Air's HALO air quality certification (funded by SWIG Finance and the British Business Bank), and how we can improve air quality for the most vulnerable.

What next?