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The Responsible Finance Podcast

Jun 22, 2018

Lancashire Community Finance was recognised earlier this year for its resilience and consistency in delivery of access to finance.

It provides personal, home improvement and startup loans and reaches clients "even harder to reach than the average" in the responsible finance sector.

Elaine talks about how this small...

Jun 14, 2018

Actor and activist Michael Sheen launched the End High Cost Credit Alliance at Responsible Finance 2018. The Alliance seeks to make affordable fair finance mainstream and support providers and customers.

This episode features Sheen's speech highlighting the Alliance's pragmatic and collaborative approach.

"I’m in this...

Jun 12, 2018

Stephen Henderson's business journey began at 16 when he discovered the cajon (a traditional percussion instrument) at a party.

The keen musician and woodworker yearned for one of his own and got his tools out. With some wood left over, he refined his design of “custom cajons” and began to advertise them online...