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The Responsible Finance Podcast

Jul 9, 2018

Shaz Shah is co-founder of Harry Specters, a business which makes lovingly handcrafted chocolates. Its products have won 22 Awards for their taste and quality.

It’s also a business with a mission: to offer paid employment to, and free training for, young people with autism.

"You can have a great business and also contribute to society," says Shah who covers:

  • why the business was launched
  • how it grew from a home-based operation to taking on premises
  • where the name came from
  • why chocolate-making, which requires specialised skills, offers great opportunities to people with autism
  • funding the business' development and growth through a mixture of grants, loan finance, equity, and "chocolate bonds"
  • securing the first corporate customers
  • the biggest challenges and opportunities, so far

Enjoy the podcast and visit to enjoy some chocolates.